Feel colors with your hands. The tactile color compass makes it possible.
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Feel colors

More media for all the senses

We design and print inclusive learning materials, games, maps and works of art.
Through our contact with blind and visually impaired people, teachers, inclusion experts and media centers, we’ve learned that suitable learning materials are often in short supply.
Working on joint projects, we utilise our extensive experience in graphic implementation, 3D modelling, interactive media design and training in the field to support our partners.

"New ideas meet the tried and tested"
We meet the highest german DIN standards in an inclusion-focused environment. Graphic implementation and reduction to the essentials is just as important to us as the use of innovative 2D and 3D printing techniques using a variety of materials and digital media.

Tactile content, also supported by audio or scent, provides exciting new access to art and culture for otherwise excluded individuals.
One of our main goals is to make color accessible in inclusive communication. Using our color compass - colors become tangible!


The Tactile Color Compass

What would it be like if colors could be felt? If pictures, graphics and paintings could be experienced through touch? The Tactile Color Compass translates colors into tactile surfaces. It is a new medium for the inclusion of visually impaired and blind people in the areas of education, orientation and art.

The Tactile Color Compass is a palm-sized disc. Embedded on both sides are a total of 11 different color surfaces in soft and hard materials. The 3D-printed hexagonal reliefs are marked with Braille. The Compass is a key for learning the color structures.

Taktiler Farbkompass Taktiler Farbkompass Taktiler Farbkompass


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